Core 1 Interaction


Program School of Art, Media, and Technology: Communication Design
CRN PUCD 2035, CRN 2755
Semester Fall 2023
Date Tuesdays, 9–11:40 PM
Building/Room 68 5th Ave, Room 104
Instructor Paul Bille

Core 1: Interaction is designed to introduce> students to programming as a creative medium—as a way of making and exploring. The coursework focuses on developing a vocabulary of interaction design principles which can then be applied across a range of platforms. Students are encouraged to experiment with various media, tools, and techniques, ultimately producing a portfolio of interactive and visual projects designed for the screen. An emphasis is placed on typography as it applies to a screen context, research-based problem solving and a learning-through-making approach to technical skill building. Historical and current interaction design precedents will be discussed.

About this course

Core 1: Interaction is a course in the Communication Design program at Parsons/The New School. The class is designed to introduce students to programming as a creative medium—as a way of making and exploring.

We’ll be using this course site for our agendas, lectures, general class housekeeping, and anything else that comes up. It will be updated throughout the semester, so always check here first.


The course materials for this site have been adapted from Michael Fehrenbach's iteration of Core 1 Interaction, Fall 22. A big thank you also to Nika Simovich Fisher and Caspar Lam for their generous contribution of resources and comprehensive course materials.

The site structure and materials are also influenced by the work of Laurel Schwulst, Rosa McElheny, Sasha Portis and previous iterations of Core 1 Interaction, Web Design, and Web Progamming classes.

Even this colophon has been adapted from Marie Otsuka's colophon for Web Type at RISD, Spring 2022.

The site is a static site, that has been built with 11ty and Obsidian.