Core 1 Interaction

November 13, 2023

Entry Review

Let’s take a look at some of your entries for this week. Today in groups of three. Please form groups show and critique and help each other out. I will meet with each group.

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L11: Some bonus CSS

Some more nifty CSS tricks.


Let's do a quick live demo on how to make responsive images, so things load quick on mobile. If we have time we will also do a small refresher on responsive design.

Guest Critic

Betty Wang will join us as a guest critic for our final session!


  1. Give all all lectures and/or the links/resources in there a good look if you feel unsure about certain parts especially the early lectures on HTML and the box model.
  2. Watch 3 heads, [ closeup ]!! detailed painting 4 k.
  3. Complete the 10th entry for your Harmonic Collection.