Core 1 Interaction

October 10, 2023

Entry Review

Let’s take a look at some of your entries for this week. Today in groups of three. Please form groups show and critique and help each other out. I will come around to each group. Sign up here.

L7: Flexbox

Let's take a look at how we can use flexbox to create easier layouts on our pages.

Mid-terms next week

So next week are your midterms, where you will be presenting your Harmonic Collection to the class.

You have the next week to revise your first 5 entries for consistency, quality, and cohesion, or to experiment more on each entry. They should communicate a clear exploration of your topic, and take us on a journey through it. That is going to be different for all of you—based on your topics—but think of both the entries and the whole together.

Practically, if you don’t have an index.html page linking to your entries, this is the time to create that. Treat it as your landing page—to introduce us to your topic and guide us through the entries.

Your project should demonstrate to me that you have progressed conceptually and technically. Your entries should be distinct entries, not formal revisions of the repeating content of previous entries. I expect to see appreciable, significant revision to your existing entries.

Each student will have about 5 minutes to present their work. In this time, talk us through your topic and explain how you wanted to explore it through your entries. Then show us your pages, taking us through each one—but stay focused on the whole. You can also explain what your challenges were, and how you’d improve on the execution with additional time or more experience.

Your presentation doesn’t have to be in a deck, but be prepared to use your full amount of time to take us through your work. Also, don’t go over! (I’ll have a timer going.) The project should be shown from the live URL you have submitted, not from your machine. Consider this presentation part of your project!

If you have trouble with getting it live, schedule an office hour with me.

Each presentation will be followed by a few minutes of feedback and critique from your classmates and from me.


There is no new entry due next class—you have the week to focus on revisions and your presentation, as noted above.

Give yourself plenty of time for this—it is important to your evaluation in this course.

Before class, add a link for your project’s main index/landing page to